Changing Lives One Haircut, One Conversation, One Prayer at a time.




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Goal: $21,460

Sending a Shipping Container to Samoa

Our Goal is to raise funds to send a Shipping Container over to Samoa to help some villages and the S.V.S.G (Samoan Victim’s Support Group) shelter with essential goods, bedding, medicines and much more.

Ongoing Mission    Volunteers Accepted

Haircuts for the homeless in Sydney

We head down to Woolloomooloo the first Saturday of every month to provide our homeless friends free haircuts while the good people at ‘The Movement’ provide our rough sleepers with food and conversation.


Watch the video for our upcoming Fundraiser ‘Missions Matter’ to help fund our 20ft container we’re taking to Samoa in October. Click here to learn more.


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Raised: $7,390    Goal: $6,826

Providing for communities in samoa

We aim to provide basic necessities for families in need and the children at Samoa Victims Support Group shelter.

GOAL REACHED! Thank you for all your support!

About Us

I’m Coralie Allen and I’ve owned a hair salon for over 14 years. I love to help people and make a difference in their life. I Offer FREE Haircuts, internet services, to help the Homeless with jobs or accommodation to get them off the streets or food if they are hungry they come to my Hair Salon Motorhead Hair D’Zyne in Rockdale, Sydney.

I saw the Charity ‘The Movement’ going down to Woolloomooloo Police Station to feed The Homeless every Saturday. I decided to go join them to do FREE haircuts for our Homeless friends there, and realised there is a massive need for them to get haircuts.

It makes them feel human, and feel good about themselves. Some of them have never had physical touch in a very long time. Just giving them a big hug can make them feel they are someone and they are LOVED.

I tell them they can also come see me in Rockdale as well. Myself and my Awesome Crew of volunteers go down on the First Saturday of every Month from 5pm-8pm.

We Are ‘The Kindest Cut’ Crew
Changing Lives One Haircut One Conversation One Prayer At A Time
Contact us if you would like to join us next time we go to Woolloomooloo and see our homeless friends


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"When you give with your heart & your talent - God will always provide a way. Your story and passion behind this organisation moved me to come & meet you. Blessings upon blessings and keep doing what you’re good at! Loved every moment we had spent with your friends (our friends) an experience I and the lovely ladies Tiahn Dogra & Lisa-Marie Leatulagi will never forget."

Claudia Bartolilo

"Amazing everyone. Leading by example, giving everything expecting nothing in return. It is a truely magnificent thing to witness the Lord's work"

Moana Rangiaho

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